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Building Supply Chain Resilience into Industrial Development

Brad Bohler will be joining Anne Strauss-Wieder, Director, Freight Planning, North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority, Beth Demba, Head of Capital Deployment, East Region, Prologis, and David Greek, Managing Partner, Greek Development to explore strategies for integrating supply chain resilience into industrial development. Their discussion will include diversifying production and distribution locations, implementing resilient building design, and the implications of increased manufacturing in the United States. Join us for this insightful conversation!

Thursday, June 06, 2024 | 9:00 am

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Brad Bohler, Principal | Warren, New Jersey

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Creating Opportunities In Industrial Land Development

Our experience in industrial land development means we not only understand your ambitions and goals but the challenges you face achieving them. Most importantly, we know how to turn those challenges into opportunities because we also understand what you need to accomplish:

  • Gather market intel
  • Gain local knowledge
  • Satisfy end-user needs
  • Mitigate risk
  • Stay ahead of regulations
  • Ensure site profitability

As your proactive partner, we leverage our expertise in the industrial market to identify challenges early on and tackle all critical design requirements necessary for project success:

  • Topography and earthwork
  • Stormwater management requirements
  • Site access and circulation
  • Maximizing square footage and parking
  • Meeting tenant operational requirements
The result? Forward-looking solutions that reduce risk, increase revenue, and accelerate growth across the entire industrial spectrum.

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